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Since the early circulation of PVC and PET containers, the company has started developing systems and lines for their treatment and handling. ZECCHETTI has manufactured the first Italian bulk palletizer for the PET bottle handling. The success achieved with that "state-of-the-art" machine have pushed Zecchetti to continually expand the production range to include all types of equipment and accessories that have become necessary, in the time being, to keep pace with the fast increasing demands in terms of speed and flexibility and to supply complete lines by offering the same reliability and efficiency standards. The long term experience in plastic and PET container handling has given the Zecchetti designers and engineers the full competence to manage all possible technical issues generated by the material to be used. With almost 500 machines supplied in over 80 countries worldwide, Zecchetti is market leader in the palletization of empty PET & HDPE bottles. The thirty-year experience in the sector allows Zecchetti to propose the best solution for every situation from many points of view:

Experience & Innovation

Tradition & Innovation

10 years after the first PVC container appeared on the market (early 80’s), followed by PET containers, Zecchetti was recognised (and still is) as the 1st manufacturer/supplier of equipment for the empty PET bottle handling in the world. All plastic bottles (PET, PVC, HDPE) no matter which shape they have, can be andled by Zecchetti Equipment, even the smallest and lighter containers and, of course, including 5 lt. tanks; all plastic bottles destined to the most diverse sectors (soft drinks, water, wine, chemical products, etc.). The technology developped by Zecchetti has definitely solved any problem arising from bottle possible unstability, tackiness, electrostatic charges. Such a long and successful history and experience in the empty container-handling brought Zecchetti to debug all their equipment to the point where they can take for granted the smooth operation and the maximum efficiency. This means that now the commitment is to make life easier for our customers and help them reduce the production costs. Based on such guidelines, we highlite the following general concepts which relate to all our production.

Zecchetti USA Experience And Innovation Plastic ContainersZecchetti USA Experience And Innovation Plastic Containers