Zecchetti USA - Palletizers, Air Conveyor, and Automated Warehouses


Zecchetti offers a variety of products in the industrial sector. Having originally been born as a custom equipment manufacturer for the food and beverage industry - our products can meet a large spectrum of customer demands and specifications. This being said, Zecchetti offers product models such as Palletizers, Depalletizers, Automated Warehouses, Belt Conveyor, and Air Conveyor units. Browse our sections below for more information.

Glass Containers

Relying on three decades of operations in the packaging, in the early nineties Zecchetti developed the first machine for the hollow glass industry, with a major contribution to the efficiency obtained by introducing the innovation of the column palletizer replacing pantograph or portal machines.

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Plastic Containers

Since the early circulation of PVC and PET containers, the company has started developing systems and lines for their treatment and handling. ZECCHETTI has manufactured the first Italian bulk palletizer for the PET bottle handling.

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Zecchetti activity has started in the packaging sector with the manufacture of packaging equipment.

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Stacker Cranes

TRASLO represents a wide range of stacker-cranes for warehousing and handling of several different bulks and weights in the realization of automated logistic systems.

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