Zecchetti USA Stacker Cranes


TRASLO represents a wide range of stacker-cranes for warehousing and handling of several different bulks and weights in the realization of automated logistic systems. The structural features and the automation of the handling systems have been designed to respond to specific needs relevant to the motion of Loading Units which may be on pallet, in crates, in cases or even single items. The deep analysis of the specific needs of every company and the flexibility of the equipment technical features allow to propose solutions that guarantee the best logistic integration.

Stacker Cranes For Warehouses With Complicated Requirements

Handling and warehousing of bulks with various dimensions and weights

Ideal solutions to cope with intensive picking activities both for big volumes and high numbers of references and movements. FOR CRATES AND CARTONS UP TO 200 KG. CAPACITY

Zecchetti USA Stacker Cranes