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Glass Containers

Relying on three decades of operations in the packaging, in the early nineties Zecchetti developed the first machine for the hollow glass industry, with a major contribution to the efficiency obtained by introducing the innovation of the column palletizer replacing pantograph or portal machines. The experience acquired from the installation of hundreds of lines and the collaboration with leading multinational glassworks have enabled Zecchetti to develop machines and accessories for both transport and palletizing operations. An operational capability that allows customers to have a single supplier for the construction of the entire production line.

Cold End Conveyors

The Right Decision For Each Container, In Every Zone

Someone holds the cold end conveyors just a whole of sprockets and chains maybe even achievable with commercial modules. Who well knows the Glass-Works, on the contrary, is perfectly aware that every single meter of the line hides secrets which are vital to ensure the effective operation of the system. It goes without saying that only the hard-earned experience on the field allows to develop new solutions and to build up the knowledge that helps in finding and applying the best solutions matching with the customer needs such as:

  • type and mix of containers to be handled;
  • line speed;
  • type and speed of the inspection machines;
  • available space;
  • required level of automation;
  • previous specific experiences of the glasswork;
  • opening to future needs etc.

The Zecchetti know how, acquired over decades of experience, allows to choose the best solution to make every cold end line tailored on the needs of their customers.

Zecchetti USA Cold End Conveyor